What to Expect from Career Coaching

I remember when I first started working as a career counselor in the early 1990’s when no one had heard of a professional career coach because career stability was still expected; 30 years at one company was the rule, not the exception. College students knew of the career services office on their campus but it seemed odd for professionals to seek out this kind of guidance once they were out in the real world. Fast forward to the wild and wacky world of the accelerated pace of the 21st century workplace that’s full of complexity and change. Now nobody is immune to layoffs and reorgs. Job hopping is no longer taboo. Fifteen years at one company? Really?

The Essential Secret Weapon

Now that job insecurity is a given, and most everyone knows that meaningful work is a possibility not just a luxury, who wouldn’t want and need their own secret weapon – their own career coach — to help them strategically navigate the dangers and opportunities that abound?

Expect from career coaching the ultimate safe place to talk through your particular challenges and goals. Finding ways to feel empowered and confident at each new step takes effort at times, especially when new management or responsibilities are suddenly thrust upon you. Friends, significant others and parents may want to help but often don’t have reliable time, motivation, or good advice on such matters.

How Did I Get Here?

You, like most people, may have found yourself in a career you never imagine you’d be in, doing work you didn’t expect to be doing. As it’s said, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans Suddenly here you are wondering how in the world did I get here? One day you wake up and say this is not what I want to do, but I don’t have any idea of what I do want to do. That’s when you want a career coach; a smart third party partner who has expertise, who can hear you and your particular career and lifestyle desires to help you discover what else fits for you. Next you refocus to be intentional and clear to get what you really want in this life of yours.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Successful Job Search

Let’s say you know what you want but this crazy job search process is completely overwhelming for you. Time consuming networking and online searches mean most job searches take 3-12 months. A savvy career coach will support you to stay motivated throughout your networking process and ensure your marketing materials, i.e. resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter, are effectively working for you. And then to help you show up for the many types of interviews prepared to answer every kind of question as your best and most composed and confident self.

What Does It Take to Be Successful?

A trusted advisor like a career coach, or an executive coach, is essential for all successful people. Most executives have benefited from a coach who’s providing support in a myriad of ways; whether to bounce ideas around with or to discuss personnel or budget decisions, maybe to develop stress management habits. No one really does it alone.

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