Finding Remote Work

With orders to stay at home as the “new normal,” and plenty of businesses temporarily shuttering to protect staff and customers, many people are suddenly out of work… And even with unemployment programs, furlough pay, and other sources of income, remote work is looking like the best option to earn a living.

So, how do you find a remote job? The search can be a bit overwhelming because there are a ton of great resources available. Like any other job search, there’s a degree of toil and combing through your options. Diligence is often the name of the game here, where hunting through search results and filling out lots of applications is just part of the process. Break up your day so you aren’t spending too much time on the job search in one sitting. Job searching of any kind can be exhausting and especially these days you need to pace yourself!

Casting a wide net is helpful, especially because so many others are also looking for remote work, but so is focusing on where you’re most likely to shine. Applying for many jobs is generally a good thing, but if you have specific interests or expertise, those things are going to come through in any interview or application with good preparation on your part. You’re more likely to land a job you’re passionate about and/or in an industry you have experience with.

With some of those general guidelines out of the way, let’s look at some resources.

Remote Job Search Resources:

  1. is a hub for job postings, but it’s also designed to be a community around remote workers and the businesses that employ them. With great forum and FAQ sections on the website, as well as a job search function, this is a great place to start – both for finding opportunities and getting information about remote work best practices, challenges, and so on.


One of the most reliable resources for remote work, Flexjobs is a giant repository of job listings that also provides useful advice on finding work that best suits you, personalized job searches, and more. Many of the opportunities listed here are exclusive to their site, and many companies hire their remote staff exclusively through them.

The only slight catch is that there’s a subscription fee to have full access to the site. Normal pricing ranges from $14.95 per month to $49.95 for a full year subscription, though some discounted pricing is currently available. The upside here is that the paywall helps weed out scams and unreliable postings, meaning you get higher quality results.

Even if you’re looking in lots of places, this should probably be a staple of your search. 

  1. Friends and Family

So often, we only think to look online for online work… But you never know who in your circle might have some leads. Opportunities for remote work are only becoming more common, and even temporary or part-time jobs are still worth exploring. As usual, it’s a good idea to be vocal about your search for remote work and use your important network to let them know what you’re looking for.

Create a helpful post about what you’re looking for and post to your social media, or send it directly to your friends and family. A job offer (or at least a few remote tasks for extra money) might come from an unexpected place – but you won’t find it if you aren’t making your search known.

  1. Direct Outreach through a Targeted Search

This approach might be a bit daunting, but with the right focus, it might yield some surprising success. Instead of (or really, in addition to) relying on job sites, reach out directly to businesses you want to work for. If you have a highly specialized skill, this approach is even better.

Take your time to develop a “pitch” email, think carefully about who might need your skills the most, and make a detailed list of places to reach out to. It’s possible that smaller organizations may need your expertise and aren’t advertising online for remote positions.

There is no shortage of websites and services dedicated to job searches. The few mentioned above are great places to start, but you’ll likely want to explore others as well.

Technology makes remote work more possible than ever, and the largely shut down world makes it all the more necessary. The remote work is out there if you look for it, and the more creative and curious you are about what you can do for an organization, the more likely you are to find the position that suits you best!

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