I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

What Do You Want?

Do you feel like you still don’t know what you want to do when you grow up? You’re not alone. While actual statistics of the number of career changers is hard to pin down, roughly 30% of adults 25-44 are looking to make a career change! This aligns with my recent client stats; the average age of my male client is 35, and it’s 37 years old for my female clients, with a 50/50 split male and female. This includes the 50-somethings who are ready for a wholesale life change, and the 25-year-old folks who think they’ve already fallen WAY behind. Some of us are just seekers, always looking for new ways of creating and delivering something of value, so the word career is somewhat amorphous for them.

There’s Always a Way

It’s way too easy to believe there’s no way you’re ever going to get where you think you want to be, and this creates a lot of mental fog, and stuckness. We are hardwired to find the negative; this is how we’ve survived as a species. So, if we want to break out to make any kind of change that may look risky (and this is different for each of us) we’re going to have to think differently, do differently, and take some actions that feel uncomfortable. With intelligent preparation and reality testing though, anyone can make strategic moves to make valuable and worthwhile career and life changes. I’ve seen people do lots of cool stuff that change their lives, so I know there’s truly always a way to get where we want to go – even if some of the changes that show up aren’t what we expected or wanted

Enter 2020

I’m hearing a lot of buzz about how powerful 2020 is going to be for everyone. Obviously it’s an election year, but it’s also the start of a new decade. Think back on where you were at the start of other new decades…I find mine have all been marked by major shifts in my life. How about you? How will you make the most of this upcoming New Year?

Get Ready for Something New with this Checklist

Use this Checklist of things to do to begin to get ready to find what you’re looking for in 2020.

  1. Clear some space so you can be open to do a mental and emotional download. Maybe that means taking a walk in your neighborhood or sitting down to meditate with the intention of settling your nervous system. Maybe you need a good run or workout first. Whatever it is for you, clear your mental space, and then find a comfortable place to write.
  2. Start getting whatever logical or illogical thoughts you have about what you’d like to see for yourself down on paper – just do a written download without stopping. A trip around the world? Start a new business? Change jobs to a new higher title and pay? Get married and move to another city (even if you don’t know anyone you want to marry or which city you’d want to move to). Whatever it is that comes up, get it down on paper. If you get stuck, ask yourself what’s in the way? and let your non-dominant hand do the writing. This can give you some interesting new information!
  3. Now ask yourself what you’d need to do, or not do, to have any of these come to some sort of fruition. Again, if you get stuck, get that non-dominant hand in on the action.
  4. Now look through your writing and pull out apparent themes so you’ll now have larger Intentions to help guide your way. You may also find specific goals that have emerged. This can look like: Complete a course or new degree which can live under the Intention of Learn Something New, or Develop my Expertise in —–; I choose to lose a certain amount of weight can live under the Intention of Be Physically Every Day.
  5. Chunk this info down into simple statements to keep in daily view – whether at your desk or your bathroom mirror, you’ll want to be reminded of these intentions as you move through the year.

Finding what you want is often allusive; but remember that, usually, when you get what you want, you then go on to want something else. Human nature! I keep in mind, and appreciate, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wise quote, All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Keep looking!Let me know if I can support you as you take smart steps to find what you’re looking for; I can be found at www.DaisySwan.com