How to Shift Your Energy to HIGH When You’re Running Low

You know those days when you’ve got a big meeting, or you’re heading to an interview or a networking function and you just don’t really feel like you’ve got the juice?? I know those days and times, and I’m a pretty cheerful person most of the time. No matter if you’re an extrovert or introvert, there are just those times when you’d rather crawl into your shell and lay low rather than step into that bright light and SHINE.


Here are a few tips to help you successfully be your best self even on those low-luster days…


  • Remember a few of your favorite things…Yes. Just like in Sound of Music. When we bring to mind the people or activities that make us feel good we can actually start to feel better. Thinking of a loved one and imagining giving them a gift that they are happy about, or a time you’ve done that, can seriously shift your mood! I went through a whole root canal imagining my son as a baby and it SO helped me 😀
  • Remember what you’re doing this for. IE, What’s your why? You’re having this meeting because you need this person to know about your new offer because you’re passionate about the business you’re involved in. Or because you’re ready for the next challenge in your life. Look for your real why and let it help you feel the love.
  • Stand up straight and take a few big steps forward. Maybe I sound like your Mom right now and if so good on her. Standing up straight and walking with intention is energizing. Really. Do it now and you’ll see.
  • Listen to something or someone funny. When I was going through a really dark time I kept listening to comedians who cracked me up while I was driving. I made myself do it. The laughs I had in my car were such important punctuation marks in my days…sometimes we can do without NPR and be better off.
  • Know your stuff. Make a mental or written list of what you know, and have done, and why you’re the person to be out there talking about what you’re talking about. This is why I do so much interview prep with clients…when you sit down across the table from someone you need to be the person behind yourself. Be ready by knowing examples of how you’ve done what you’ve done, why you’re passionate about what you’re doing, or what you can bring to this particular party.


I hope you’re feeling better having simply read this. But try a couple of these and I bet you’ll be in a whole new frame of mind. Honest.