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Career Coaching Options

When you sign up for one-on-one career coaching with me you receive undivided attention focused on helping you get more of what you want in your life. I offer all of my clients unbiased, non-judgmental, third-party, professional career coaching to increase your clarity and focus and help you to take the actions that get the results you want ...

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Interview & Resume Coaching

When you strategically prepare for a job interview you are 75% more likely to get the job. So let\'s get you ready to be your most confident and prepared self so that you land this next job. Interview coaching helps you organize your thoughts and goals so you\'re sure to go after jobs that line up with your goals AND your values.

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Executive Coaching

Together, we can help get where you want to be. Research shows that those who work with an executive coach are able to increase their effectiveness, make or take important strategic moves within their organization, or work with useful feedback from others to move through a rocky spot...


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Career Coaching for New Grads & College Seniors

Can career coaching for new grads help you or your loved one?
Helping new college graduates, or soon-to-be graduates, stay calm and effective while they determine and take those next steps is something I love to do. I remember the overwhelm of taking these first steps and...

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About Daisy

I'm a certified coach with over 20,000 hours of coaching to help professionals live the authentic lives they desire. What had been the most difficult challenges for me became fuel for my enduring sense of purpose - helping people find and hone their career paths and life purpose with balance and clarity. My clients range from CEOs to new grads, and everyone in between. With deep knowledge and training in a variety of coaching modalities, clients receive a customized approach to transform their particular set of challenges into wins. I draw from:

  • Decades of deep knowledge of workplace and workforce issues and the complexity that goes with that.
  • Years of training in the science of neuro-plasticity; I help clients to incorporate healthier perspectives to the changing scenarios they encounter.
  • Years of working with MBA students and grads; I'm an instructor and executive coach to UCLA's Anderson School of Management MBA and FEMBA students.
  • Interdisciplinary thinking and life-long learning to creatively seek solutions and options with clients; I earned my Master's degree from University of Chicago, my undergrad from Loyola Chicago and continue my studies at UCLA, Stanford University and other institutions.
  • Certifications as Coach, Somatic Coach, Mindfulness and Compassion Instructor/Trainer. Facilitator of hundreds of workshops and classes for groups and retreats of all sizes.
  • My lifelong mindfulness meditation practice which informs my intuitive listening and insights.
  • My commitment to healthy balanced living; based in Santa Barbara, I work with clients across the globe, supporting them to envision and achieve the work and lifestyle they want.
  • My experience as a divorced mother of a now adult son. I know the joy of parenting, as well as the challenges. Working, starting a business, being in a relationship all while parenting. Going through divorce, and the ups and downs of co-parenting and step-parenting. I've lived through those tricky years, and am proud (and relieved) to see my son in his thriving career and life. I've helped many men and women to establish new and satisfying, post-divorce lives. I help clients see the possibilities beyond their current view and then the steps to take to embody a new reality.

What you can expect from me

My clients will tell you that I'm a straight-forward and creative thinking partner. Through our on-going sessions we discuss and discover new options, and reach new  solutions to take pragmatic actions for results. I provide a one-stop shop, coaching you through the process of discovery so that we can create or update your best marketing materials -  we successfully rework resumes and all other communication; LinkedIn profiles, website content and other media to support your goals.

As your coach, I'm here for you. I'll share my honest perspective to keep you moving forward, holding you accountable in a kind and intelligent way. I can be your secret weapon, to help you get where you're going…even when you don't know where that is, or how to get there.

Together, we'll uncover something new and wonderful for you.

Daisy has been quoted in:

What Clients Say ...

Initially, I wasn't entirely sure what career coaching entailed!I would absolutely recommend career coaching with Daisy. I didn't even know what I didn't know about job searching until I started working with Daisy. It completely opened up so many doors for possibilities that I hadn't even considered. I love that Daisy really takes the time to get to know you as an individual first–well beyond basic strengths and weaknesses. It is precisely this person-centered approach that yields such amazing outcomes. As a result of working together I landed a position in a field that perfectly pairs my passions and my skills–a combination I was dubious even existed as a job. I was also able to gain valuable tools for networking and job searching that I'll take with me wherever I go.


Working with Daisy was really helpful. She’s very insightful. Within a couple of sessions she helped guide me to some insights about myself and what aspects of work I find fulfilling. She then helped me develop a game plan for how to act on the insights we came up with, both guiding me and supporting me out of my comfort zone to ensure I was able to get the answers I needed. Daisy is a true pro, who is methodical and results oriented. I had a great time working with her, learning a lot about myself and setting myself up for future success with her help. 

JS Environmental Analyst
Working with Daisy was an experience of being heard and guided. I was struggling with an endless sense of feeling lost in both life and career. With her counsel, I was able to gain clarity and take meaningful steps towards achieving my professional goals.

Daisy takes a holistic approach towards getting to know you as an individual, placing an emphasis on truly understanding unique strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. She was able to fine-tune her program to begin the process, personalizing exercises to boost participation. She provided a framework for improvement and a wide array of tools and resources to help tackle each step of the journey. These resources included educational training platforms, resume/cover letter best practices, and career path identification exercises.

Daisy is very candid and straightforward, not afraid to challenge me on my negative beliefs and defeatist patterns that had been present for far too long. This was not always easy to hear, but it was exactly what I needed to move past self-doubt and take action towards my goals.

She has the knowledge, expertise, and personal touch to help overcome stagnation and find momentum, enabling you to take concrete steps towards achieving professional goals.
I connected with Daisy through a good friend who had great success in her own job search with the help of Daisy. After almost 8 years in Special Operations, I separated from the military and had no idea how to translate my experience to recruiters or potential employers. I was trying to fit myself into careers that weren’t a fit for me and getting frustrated when I didn’t get past first or second-round interviews. Daisy got to know me well and through this learning process was able to suggest careers I had never considered. She taught me how to write a proper resume, encouraged me to apply to new jobs and positions I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to apply for, and helped me word my interview responses in the correct manner. I can’t recommend her enough!!! She is very versatile and personable. I really enjoyed working with Daisy throughout the entire process and if I had to do it all over again, would definitely use her. 
Thanks again for the work you’ve done!
Kathleen T

I have good news! As of Friday, I have accepted an officer at —— and will start in two weeks.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance over the last few months. Feel like our conversations better prepared me for the process and I felt more comfortable in the job search when we were working together versus when I started the process over a year ago.

Really really excited to start this new journey and hope we can keep in touch!

MB, Sports Analyst

Daisy Swan helped ignite my passion, see my potential, and get unstuck. Through our sessions, I realized something more was waiting for me out there. We started with formal personality tests, followed by one-on-one coaching, assisted by online resources, which she provided, over a period of months. Daisy helped me see that I could be more than my consulting profession would ever allow. As a result, I decided to pursue further education as a PhD student to broaden my impact on this world. I am excited about the next step in my journey, and I cannot be more thankful for Daisy’s help.

Matthew P.

Like many recent college graduates, I felt lost and alone. I craved to establish a sense of belonging. Afraid to admit my shortcomings, I withdrew into myself. Negative self-talk like, \"you are not good enough, smart enough, qualified enough\" dominated my thinking. Social gatherings became less desirable. I did everything I could to avoid the dreaded question, \"So what do you do?\" I did not know this person. Where was the determined young woman I worked so hard to become?

After a lay off and months of sitting in my pajamas feeling down on myself, I finally had enough. I started researching career counselors in the Los Angeles area, which is how I discovered Daisy Swan. From the beginning Daisy put me at ease with her warm demeanor. She encouraged me to reflect on my values instead of focusing on my fear. I knew I wanted to work with and empower people, but I was not sure in what capacity. With a new sense of determination I began to research and apply to nonprofits and fellowships locally and abroad.

I applied to the AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellowship and was immediately contacted for an interview. I became proactive instead of inactive. I followed up every interview round via LinkedIn and email. I reached out to my new contacts to discuss their experiences with the program and for interview advice. Four interview rounds later, I am happy to say I accepted an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow in the Bay Area.

I graduated almost exactly a year ago. Up till this point it seemed like every day was slipping away from me. The possibility of successfully making the transition from college to a career appeared out of reach. I whole-heartedly believe there are lessons to be learned in our darkest hours. First, do not be afraid to ask for help, especially when times are hard. Second, do not let others dictate how you lead your life. Finally, let your values guide your aspirations. I am beyond grateful for Daisy\'s support during these uncertain times. I finally feel like I am on my way to the meaningful career and life I intended.


We brought Daisy in to conduct a workshop as part of a two day offsite with our CFO and his senior team members. She did a fantastic job making the topic of mindfulness accessible to senior Finance executives team. Her flexible approach made it possible for us to tailor the workshop to the audience, which was critical to the success. Daisy brings strong credibility to her work as a result of her experience. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

A. Sands

Thanks again for your help in 2016. With your support and ideas I was able to turn my life around. You made it possible for me to complete my B.S. in Mathematics. Then with some additional IT Certifications I was able to land a job as a Network Engineer later leading a team of 7 people. Now I found an amazing job as a Linux Systems Administrator with MIT Lincoln Labs in the Greater Boston area.

You really changed my life for the better.


I started working with Daisy the semester before I completed my undergraduate degree. We would do one on one coaching, which I found to be beneficial when it came down to what I truly wanted when looking for a career path. Daisy would help me set goals and focus on creating a process for myself when doing my job search. She also provided constructive feedback with my resume and LinkedIn profile as well as helping me to prepare before my interviews. Working with Daisy allowed me to focus on my goals and her process helped me to be successful in landing a position in the film and television industry. I appreciated the time and energy that Daisy would take to listen to my ideas. Her support and style of coaching was a good balance of structure and comfort. Daisy allowed me to step outside the box and I am very thankful to have had her guidance when I needed it the most.


Working with Daisy was the best choice I\'ve made for my career. As an academic transitioning into private industry, I was struggling to both identify my path forward and transition my CV into an appealing resume. I decided to pursue career coaching with Daisy after learning about her holistic, individually-tailored approach to the coaching process. Daisy\'s helpfulness exceeded my expectations: she met me at the level of my needs for every task, ranging from talking me through the most basic elements of resume revision, all the way to exploring the most complex and deeply meaningful elements of individual motivation and career choice with me. With Daisy\'s help, I secured a great job and have high hopes for my path forward. I have no doubt that I will continue to seek Daisy\'s services as my career develops, and enthusiastically recommend Daisy to anyone considering career coaching services!


Recommended to me by a friend, Daisy guided me through a deep dive into my strengths and passions, and helped me work towards using those as guiding principles throughout my career re-set and journey. I was facing burnout and was interested in making a major career change. Daisy helped me evaluate opportunities and how they lined up with my strengths, and helped me focus on those when presenting myself and crafting my external brand. Daisy is pleasant, thoughtful and insightful, and really cared about my development and my challenges. Daisy helped me look hard at the things I enjoyed in my career, and find an opportunity aligned with the areas I cared about, helping me clear my mind of short-term concerns and find an opportunity that balanced my personal and professional goals. I really appreciated her guidance and would recommend her highly!

Ken M.

First off, I wanted to say thank you for helping me figure out my life! Working with you a few years ago really put things into motion for me. I am happy to report that I finished my MSW and that I\'m currently working as a social worker at an elementary school. I also got married in October!

B L, Philadelphia

I feel fortunate to have been able to work with Daisy. I started working with her earlier this year when I was given a temporary assignment to manage a team of 6 people. Daisy helped to identify my strengths which enable me to be a more confident leader.  Several people noticed how comfortable and confident I was even though I had expressed doubt when I reluctantly accepted the assignment. She taught me techniques to stay calm under pressure, to respond (or not respond) thoughtfully, and be aware of my thoughts and feelings.  This has served me well both professionally and in my family life. After working with Daisy, I also became aware of the areas that I need to improve on.  I look forward to working with Daisy again in the future.


Daisy helped me re-gain my confidence and encouraged me to see the value in my strengths. I was able to take a huge step forward to make a major career change.

I connected with Daisy at a very critical time in my career. I was completely burned out and worried about making a major career change. I felt a strong need for professional guidance. While I am very fortunate to have family and friends provide support, I knew it was time to talk to someone who had a tremendous amount of experience and a very good reputation for helping so many professionals find the right career path.

In our first session, I felt a sense of ease and comfort when talking to Daisy. She immediately picked up on my personality, my desire to please others without taking time for myself.  Our sessions were a combination of digging deep into what I am truly passionate about, my skills and touching on my personal life. I always looked forward to my discussions with Daisy. I was so appreciative, when she reminded me to \"Love yourself\". Daisy really encouraged me to \"think outside the box\" in terms of a new job opportunity.

On our last session,(late September), Daisy said, \"I think you will have a great opportunity by the end of October\". This was not a \'I\'m being nice\' comment. She believed it and so did I ! November 2, I was offered a fantastic job, with a large increase in salary. The role is exactly what we talked about in our sessions! I am thrilled and beyond thankful to have had Daisy\'s guidance!

I would highly recommend Daisy Swan to any of my colleagues.


When Daisy Swan shares her unique skill set with you, you thrive professionally and personally. Her presence and insight provides you with the clarity required to take those crucial next steps. With compassion and candor she gets you moving in the direction of your dreams. Whether helping my son transition from college to employment or helping me embrace life after raising a family full-time, Daisy\'s support and expertise has proved invaluable. She\'s a coach, a mentor, and a wise guide. Her experience as a business coach combined with her extensive training in mindfulness practices allows her to address the whole person. We have benefited tremendously from Daisy\'s depth and breadth of knowledge, creativity and dedication.

Regional Director of Program Development and Outreach
Inner Explorer

I\'ve taken Daisy Swan\'s Mindful Meditation class two times [at The Resort at Playa Vista], and I hope The Resort offers another class in the future!  The class has given me coping mechanisms during stressful times, a greater sense of calm, and makes me feel good that I\'m doing something for myself.  Everyone has busy lives, and with connectivity being a constant factor towards distraction, it\'s really a luxury to just sit still and BE.

B.E., TV Producer

I had heard of meditation-even tried it in yoga classes - but knew there had to be more to it.  I was really considering where I might find out more, and then one day I walked into the gym at the Resort and saw the course board and saw the class starting that night. What luck! I thought; a chance to find out more right where I live. I wanted to calm my mind, focus better, worry less, reduce stressful thinking. Then I found Daisy, our own mindful meditation superstar.

The classes have been rewarding and offered me a way to find what I didn\'t know I was looking for.  I recommend it.

S.F., Retired Dentist

I am so grateful that I found Daisy when I did last year. As a recent graduate school graduate who had just moved to a new city, I had no real network and not a lot of clarity in my job hunt. I felt like I was floundering for months and decided it was time to get an expert\'s help. I\'m very happy that I ended up working with Daisy; she helped me turn things around within just a few weeks of her coaching and I landed a new job making nearly double what I had before my sessions with her were even over.

Daisy takes the time to really listen and get to know you not just as a job-seeker but as a human being with unique talents and needs. She provided both the encouragement and practical job-seeking advice that I needed, and I learned more about myself than I ever expected by working with her.  She brings such personalized attention and high-level expertise that I would highly recommend her services to anyone, from new grads to executives. I\'m very happy to have Daisy in my network!


I just wanted to let you know that I received an offer from XXX (the company I really wanted to work for) that was contingent on a background check…and I was just informed I passed and my start date will be the 17th of Jan! Thank you so much for helping me out…it was the first job I applied to after modifying my resume in the format you suggested and I really believe I got a call back because of it. So Thank YOU! And also, thank you for pointing out my strengths and ways in which I could curb my anxiety when in stressful situations. I am lucky to have been able to meet with you. Thank you again and have a Happy New Year!!


When I first contacted Daisy, I was deeply dissatisfied with my career. Working with Daisy was a revelation in so many ways. She helped me to clarify what I really wanted and needed out of a career. But even more than that, she really set me on a course towards finding more fulfillment with life. I learned to feel and express gratitude, rather than solely focusing on that which is imperfect. I gained the ability to be content with myself, rather than always needing work or an activity to fill my time. Most importantly, I gained a sense of confidence bred from knowing my strengths and how to maximize them.

Daisy has a calmness, clarity, and insightfulness about her that is truly astonishing. Possibly her best skill is her ability to impart those things on her clients as well.

BT, Senior Executive, Media

Dear Daisy, Brava! As you saw, your Table Talk this past Sunday was SRO - and with good reason! You are an engaging and altogether delightful - and informative - presenter! I loved how you started off - and continued - the program in such an interactive manner. You got everybody talking to each other… and there is nothing like a hands-on experience, such as one you provided, to make all of us realize that the issues related to memory are universal, as we get older. I also loved the mini-meditation session. I think you definitely won some converts on Sunday! Daisy, we wish you much success in your practice here out East - including maybe offering some meditation classes - and hope we can ask you to do another Table Talk in the future!

Judith Bresler, Table Talk Curator

My experience with Daisy was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. I came to her seeking advice about how to take the next step in my career. She helped me clarify my personal and professional goals, and helped me visualize a career path that met my personal and professional goals.

Daisy also helped me see that the perfect role was out there for me, and worked with me on a strategy to find it. Her care, diligence, and thoughtful advice were invaluable throughout the entire process, from career exploration to offer and acceptance. I highly recommend Daisy Swan for anyone looking to grow as a professional.

Jeff, May 2015

After graduating from college and being out of school for over a year with no full-time job yet, I decided to sign up for Daisy\'s 4-week Job Search Class. I took the class because I was frustrated and confused about how to navigate through the current job market and I left the class feeling confident, qualified and ready to get a job. The class was small and intimate which provided for a more personal and hands-on experience. Daisy was an amazing teacher who provided us with the tools and guidance necessary to find a job. Not only did we get a handful of templates and resources on how to write a better resume and cover letter, but we also learned valuable networking skills.

Daisy is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and beams with positive energy which made her an awesome mentor and teacher. Whether you are at the beginning stages of the job search and need to write a resume, or you\'ve been at a job for years and are looking to make an industry change, you will definitely find Daisy\'s job search class beneficial, useful and you truly will learn a lot. I am so happy that I took her class and I am even happier to report that I am writing this from the desk at my new job. Thank you so much Daisy, for all of your help! I am eternally grateful!

Candice Oliver,
Account Specialist at Wpromote, January 2015 Daisy Swan Job Search Class Participant

I was very fortunate to work with Daisy as I was retooling my resume and improving my interviewing skills.  She always had the appropriate and useful comment for any issue I presented. Equally important, she did not use kid-gloves, but rather told me what I needed to hear.  I felt she took a sincere interest in my goals and potential and showed leadership, yes, she lead me to a more marketable position as a candidate.  Indeed, only one month after our sessions ended, I was offered a position.

Peter, NJ

I loved the fact that each class started with meditation and that reinforced my practice. The technique used is quite simple and easy to love even for people that never meditate. I love the small group formula as listening to other life experiences and insights helped me to step out of my own questions. Career change brings some similar emotions amongst people although in different contexts. It was truly a joy to listen and be listened to. It also kept me on my toes. I had to do my homework if I wanted to share something with the group. Yes, there is homework and if you do it, boy, you get the job done, aka targeting what\'s going on and what you want to do next.

Daisy brought us various tools that address the emotional issue of career change as well as very practical tools, such as resume building, interview preparation and various tips to help transition into this new career. Bottom line: The reason why I took the class was because I wanted to clarify what my \"next career move\" would be. Did the seminar help? Hell yeah! I know where I want to head. Not bad for a mere once-a-week meeting, for only six weeks. What a gift! Thank you for this!


I took a \'transitions\' workshop with Daisy in the Fall of 2013. We covered a lot of helpful territories such as resumes, informational interviews, self-assessment and imagination exercises. We also explored ways to tap into personal, internal resources and energy, which was equally if not more helpful than the more familiar topics. These strategies have helped me feel more personally powerful and grounded during my career change, which, in turn, provides a boost for taking all of those other external actions.


Daisy was very helpful providing tactical and moral support as I underwent my job search, and her services directly facilitated my landing my current position. She had practical suggestions for networking and outreach, targeted insights on tailoring my resume for specific opportunities, and clear guidance for interview preparation and followup. Her positive attitude and unwavering support helped prop me up when I felt discouraged, and it was reassuring to have a consistent sounding board throughout the process.

CK, Sr. Director, Non-profit

I was very fortunate to work with Daisy as I was retooling my resume and improving my interviewing skills. She always had the appropriate and useful comment for any issue I presented. Equally important, she did not use kid-gloves, but rather told me what I needed to hear. I felt she took a sincere interest in my goals and potential and showed leadership, yes, she lead me to a more marketable position as a candidate. Indeed, only one month after our sessions ended, I was offered a position.

Peter, NJ

My experience with Daisy was exceptional, and exceeded my expectations. I came to her seeking advice about how to take the next step in my career. She helped me clarify my personal and professional goals, and helped me visualize a career path that met my personal and professional goals.

Daisy also helped me see that the perfect role was out there for me, and worked with me on a strategy to find it. Her care, diligence, and thoughtful advice were invaluable throughout the entire process, from career exploration to offer and acceptance.

I highly recommend Daisy Swan for anyone looking to grow as a professional. 



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