I can’t believe that jeans cost $200. I couldn’t believe it when they went up from $40 to $70, and then $125. For those of you in your 20’s and 30’s this probably sounds ludicrous because jeans have always seemed to cost more than $70…or else they’re cool and from H&M and a steal. Many of you only know casual Fridays, and every other day too, as a reality. Many of us remember when they began and the khakis and polo shirts that became an accepted reality. Look where we are now. Uggs, jeans and t’s, flip flops. Does not seem to be working… The Wall Street Journal had a great article in the Personal Journal today about Business Casual and the problems it’s caused for everyone. I guess Laurie Graham and I were ahead of them because we created a program to help men and women of all… Read More