Navigating Your Job Search Journey During These Weird Times: Six Strategies for Success

Searching for a job can be a daunting and overwhelming task at any time. Clearly, with lots of layoffs and graduations happening right now, there’s a lot going on out there in the job market. With the right approach and strategies, you can increase your chances of finding the right opportunity that aligns with your interests, skills and goals. I’m here to offer valuable tips and techniques to help you navigate the job search journey and land your first, or 7th, job that can set you up for your next career move. My clients benefit from our initial work to do a deep dive to understand them and their particular needs and wishes. While this takes a bit of time and some precious introspection, it’s worth it.  Doing a job search on your own can definitely work for you! But I do know from personal experience that having a trusted… Read More

How Do People Successfully Network?

The Opportunity in Front of Us

As we make our way into the holiday season, I find myself reflecting on all that we’ve come through individually and as a society… these last few years have definitely taken a lot out of us. During this holiday season of 2022 many of us are again gathering in groups and at events that we haven’t experienced in a few years providing us the opportunity to reconnect, to share, and experience others in a potentially new-ish way. And so, I’m here with a few thoughts that I feel are worth sharing, ideas that may help to enrich your holidays.  Your Attention Matters I talk with so many clients – women and men who range in age from 24 to 60 — who are grappling with questions of how to make and live a life that feels satisfying and which provides the kind of lifestyle worth living — different for each… Read More

Gen Z Worker? These Annoying Problems Are Why You May Be Hating Your Remote Job

As a new Gen Z worker, you may be excited about your first job out of school. You’re living the dream…right? That first paycheck was pretty exciting, but now you’re exhausted, lonely, and confused. Is this what work is? Is this what you have to look forward to for the next 40+ years? Maybe yes and no. For most people, working from home has been a transition. But as a Gen Z worker, it’s likely all you’ve ever known. Navigating your first job out of school is tough enough. Then you add the extra challenges of working from home. Remote work can feel lonely. Data shows that 60-67% of single, Gen Z workers who are new to their company feel like they’re only surviving. Ugh. Thriving is a distant dream. Spending your days at work feeling this way is the nightmare I want to help you avoid. I promise it doesn’t have to… Read More

Tips for Starting Your Own Consulting Business

If you have expertise you want to share, and be paid for, you’ll want to present yourself as the organized professional you want to be. Your clients and customers will feel they can trust you and what you’re bringing to their lives if you take these simple steps. Everything you do and say needs to be clear so that your potential clients feel like you are experienced, trustworthy, and care. 1) Do have a website that people can visit after they meet you; have a business card with your name, website address and phone number? You can design a simple logo for yourself that you’ll have on your website, business card and other materials, or you can also use a website like to find a designer who can create your visuals for you. The website can be as simple as a one-page site, including a professional photo of you,… Read More

Why MBA Programs, and Major Companies, are Investing in Mindfulness Training

It’s been several years since I wrote an article about mindfulness becoming the new yoga. Indeed, this has continued to be the trend; mindfulness meditation practices are now mainstream, whether used via one of the many popular apps or delivered through Zoom classes, YouTube videos or podcasts. So many of us, this year alone, have found mindfulness practices to be one of the most essential ‘vitamins’ for coping with the heaping pile of crises we’ve been living through. As a long-time mindfulness practitioner and instructor, sitting meditation feels like a connective tissue in my being. This doesn’t mean that I’m a better human being than you or anyone else. I do have this, and other practices, to readily call upon to help me look at my experience with a larger perspective that helps me to cope with challenges. But it would be wrong for me, or truly, any of us, excepting maybe the Dalai… Read More

How to Talk to Your Superior When You Find Out You’re Making Less Than Your Counterparts | HelloGiggles

Use these expert tips to stand your ground for equal pay. Raven Ishak No matter how old we are or how long we’ve been working, we all have questions when it comes to careers—from how to respond to a rejection letter to learning to say no when a role isn’t a good fit. That’s where Career Counselor comes in. In this weekly series, we connect with experts to answer all of your work-related questions. Because while we don’t all have the luxury of a career coach, we still deserve to grow in our careers. For many women, an unfortunate reality of work is finding out that you’re paid less than a male coworker despite doing the exact same job. While pay disparity is a common situation in America, it doesn’t mean you can’t take action at your job and stand up for your self-worth. According to … Read More

Finding Remote Work

With orders to stay at home as the “new normal,” and plenty of businesses temporarily shuttering to protect staff and customers, many people are suddenly out of work… And even with unemployment programs, furlough pay, and other sources of income, remote work is looking like the best option to earn a living.So, how do you find a remote job? The search can be a bit overwhelming because there are a ton of great resources available. Like any other job search, there’s a degree of toil and combing through your options. Diligence is often the name of the game here, where hunting through search results and filling out lots of applications is just part of the process. Break up your day so you aren’t spending too much time on the job search in one sitting. Job searching of any kind can be exhausting and especially these days you need to pace… Read More

Having Courage, Even When Writing Your Resume

The first time I heard the saying ‘the way you do one thing is the way you do everything’ I immediately dismissed it-how could that be true? But I’ve come back to this again and again because upon reflection I do find truth, something to learn, and even wisdom, here. Right now, during our sheltering-in-place, it’s a good time to look at how we do anything and everything and learn from it. We’re ‘stuck inside’ in more ways than one, which offers a lot of rich opportunity to discover so much about ourselves, what we want, and how we do things. I have worked on a gazillion resumes since 1991 when I first started working as a career professional. One thing I’ve consistently noticed throughout these many years is that no matter how many years of work experience, degrees and additional training one has, everyone bumps into the discomfort of… Read More