Opportunities and goals for a successful job search

Today the job market is no more the same place of a few decades ago. Probably, there are more jobs that in the past didn’t exist at all (such as the jobs related to the internet), but it’s a matter of fact that job condition today are worse than ever. There is a lack of certainty about future and young people find it difficult to start to plan a life and a family, unless they are older and have a constant job career. Difficulties exist as well as job opportunities Employees may often times feel unsure about their current job place as in some cases there isn’t guarantee about a lifelong durability of that job place. This is upsetting and many young employees begin to lose their hope about a good career. It happens with a higher frequency that employees leave their job place to find a… Read More

When Bad Jobs Happen to Good People

Daisy Swan – Career Coach Guest Contributor for My L.A. Lifestyle Boy do I hear a lot about the lousy jobs that people have. It’s my job of course, my career – and really, my life – to listen to these stories. Everyone has one to tell. It’s as if lousy jobs are the common thread that runs through all of us. In modern America you probably won’t find someone of working age who hasn’t had a bad job or two. While I love good and inspiring news I also appreciate a bad job story because I know there will be redemption at some point…like the arc of any good story, there will at some point be a turn toward a positive resolution. So what makes a bad job bad?   Read the whole article here  … Read More

Mixing It Up

LA has so much to offer. I just received my reminder that Writers Bloc is having a their event next week that promises to be fun and interesting. I’m posting this in particular for some of my clients who are writers, but also for those who want to be re-inspired, re-energized, or who need to find something kind of different to do on ‘date night’. Check out www.writersblocpresents.com for more info. Also, mark your calendars because we’ll be hosting an event on April 2nd that will be an informal opportunity for people to gather and hear about a variety of industries and functions that are, of course, in flux and offering opportunity — if not immediately, very soon. Information about this will be available on our site, www.daisyswan.com in the next few days. I feel encouraged by all of the interdisciplinary conversations I read about lately. Read More

Dealing With Stress in the Workplace

When it comes to the work place the one thing that affects us all in both our performance and overall attitude is stress. People normally feel stressed in work but having additional outside factors like a gambling debt or addiction can become incredibly stressful, so to improve your overall morale here’s a couple of stress relieving techniques and tips to try out. The first thing you can do is take a deep breath, literally. Exhaling with a sigh even when you’re not at your desk stops you from bottling up your stress to the point it either comes out in an angry explosion or causes an emotional implosion that dives you into depression as you feel overwhelmed. The next and most important tip is to keep your problems at home, if you have a gambling debt you definitely don’t want to bring that into work. Having something like that… Read More

Holiday Parties = Con-ne(c)tworking

Daisy Swan – Career Coach Guest Contributor for My L.A. Lifestyle They’re inevitable, right? The five or six holiday functions that we feel we must attend, like it or not. Well this holiday season, why not look at those holiday happenings in a different light? Use them to your advantage, to further your business or your career. Look at these functions not only as networking opportunities, but as a way to focus in on what you might want to be doing – or doing differently – in the New Year. Read the whole article here  … Read More