Is professional gambling a job?

In the world of jobs, every year there are some changes. Old jobs that become less frequent and are already about to disappear and new jobs that jump on the job market. Usually, online jobs are among the most advanced and modern jobs. However, there are also a few jobs that are related to hobbies and sports. These type of jobs include instructors, teachers, and pro athletes or pro gamblers for casino games.      Unusual yet increasing: pro gambling For many aspects, we shouldn’t even think of pro gambling as to a real job or career, but when you ask someone who loves to play poker or roulette games what about gambling, they will surely tell you that it’s a job for them.       Actually, pro gamblers have to train for long hours in order to gain some expertise with a particular game. Usually, poker gamblers are also very skilled… Read More

3 Fun Activities To De-Stress

Stress is a common problem that affects millions of people from all across the globe. In fact, research studies shows that it's one of the main causes of common mental disorders. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can take part in to de-stress and promote your overall health. Below are 3 fun activities that you can count on to relieve stress.   Physical Exercises   There are hundreds of physical exercises that you can take part in during your leisure time. Apart from relieving stress, they improve blood circulation, strengthen joints, build muscles, and promote heart health. This will significantly reduce your preferences to various cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack. To get maximum benefits, it is recommendable to work out with a team or colleagues who share the same ideologies and objectives. Use your time management skills to come up with a… Read More

Do You Really Represent You?

Daisy Swan, now a contributor to Find Bliss Magazine! Read her article in the July 2013 issue, here… The key to success could simply be showing up just as you are. It’s all about branding when it comes to marketing ourselves for a new job, an online dating profile, or even in our current workplace. We want to present an intentionally consistent ‘brand message’ so that people (or consumers) know what they can expect from us. This is also known as a brand promise. By Daisy Swan When we buy a Coke, we expect it to taste like a Coke and not a Pepsi. If we taste the latter, we feel duped and confused. As individuals, our brand message is supported by the language used to describe us on LinkedIn or Facebook. Similarly our resume is representative of our professional skills and accomplishments. The information we share… Read More

Advice For Picking A Gambling Career

Your dream job must be able to fulfill both of your spiritual and financial requirements. In others words, you must wake up eager to go to work each morning and not feel like you are doing it just because it gets the checks paid. Also, it must be rewarding enough moneywise so it enables you to enjoy the financial freedom you are looking for. A career path that might do just that is one in the field of gambling. Casinos and gambling or gaming halls are growing in number each year and if you already have passion for casinos, here are a few ideas to help you get started. Decide What Interests You Most Some people like to shuffle cards or throw the dice; others are more interested in the security wing of a casino. Whatever your cup of tea might be, think real hard and start doing… Read More

The Importance Of Staying Focused

It’s easy to get lost. All it takes is a few wrong steps and a complete lack of concentration and you will face situations you haven’t actually planned; you will also most likely have a hard time getting back on the right track and reaching your original goals. So it is essential to remain focused at all times no matter how many distractions might throw at you. Tips To Staying Focused Write down your absolute goal on top of a white piece of paper. Use a colored marker and big letters. Then add the smaller goals and milestones that will help you reach the big goals from the top. For each small goal, take your time and come up with the right strategies and ideas to get you there fast and easy. Find ways of compressing time-consuming tasks into smart solutions to the same problems. Use out of the… Read More

Overcoming Roadblocks In Life

Few people have it all figured out in life – from an early stage – and they keep on following their plan to achieve goal after goal. Bumps in the road are usually unpredictable and unavoidable – and these are the times plans get changed and redirected and the feeling of being overwhelmed by hardships turns into a roadblock. This is yet a normal stage of normal life than can be overcome – and we are here to lend you a hand. Some of the most common forms of therapy you could try at home are relaxation and meditation techniques. How To Relax At Home Run a hot bath, lit some candles and play some cooling music. Read a book that you find enjoyable or take on a new hobby such as knitting, restoring old books or broken furniture, knitting, or making jewelry out of colored beads. If you… Read More

Livelihood Is True Fun

Finding one's true vocation, and, forming a healthy (self-directed) livelihood is really everybody's baseline responsibility in life. Most people think (or, they are told, and they believe it) that getting a 'good' job and an adequate if not comfortable income is the way to go. Others, who tend to be entrepreneurs, question whether either a job or an income are enjoyable, liberating enough ways to live.   Paradigm Shift Within   While it is true enough that our present age offers unparalleled opportunity for adopting one's own livelihood, there is another kind of healthy shift within oneself that is probably primary. Some like to use the phrase, 'out of the box', and we could apply this to the ideas that employment and income are good, if we're open-minded enough to do that. We could, by contrast, think of entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, or even personal leisure as the new baseline —… Read More

How To Pick Your Career – And Make The Right Choice

For starters, you are not the only one who was born not knowing what he wants to do when he grows up. So don’t be too harsh with yourself. Secondly, choosing a career is a serious decision that requires quite some reflection and consideration and it is perfectly fine to feel you need an extra pair of hands to find the right path. Below are a few tips on how to program your thinking so you can focus on your personal interests and desires, goals and talents, abilities and values and seal the right deal for your future.   Assess Your Skills This means you will need to look deeper into your own self and discover which are the things you are truly passionate about or interested in. there are plenty of books and specialized online resources that should help you get started on this self-assessment journey. Take your… Read More

Are You A Narcissist?

Have you ever thought of yourself as being a narcissist? Have you ever felt that way about others? What is it that led to that opinion? According to many, we have more and more of these people around us; but what exactly is narcissism? Generally speaking, it is defined as a set of behaviors that focus on self-centeredness taken to the extreme. There are healthier expressions of narcissism in their moderate forms; healthy narcissism that stimulates us to work out and be fit to look good can however be taken to the wrong side of things. Namely, many confront with the so-called pathological form of narcissism that gets in the way of one’s happiness and ability to function as a normal individual. Which category do you think you fall into? Here are a few tips that should help you figure things out.   You Are Obsessed With Your… Read More

Leadership And Mindful Awareness

Mindful awareness is a concept that bring together certain practices and that can contribute largely to the improved leadership styles. A great leader is one who can figure out how to influence people and make them follow them, rather than simply think about how to reach their goals. Having sufficient influence on the people around you is not enough to make you an excellent leader, though. People need to be able to put their trust into you, while feeling your empathy, feeling hope and stability are coming from your direction. Below you will discover a few of the critical skills you will need to show off in order to significantly boost your leadership.   Get Connected The Right Way   Use as much connectivity you can make use of to achieve the results you desire; be as intuitive and strategic as you can and learn how important it… Read More