70% of Workers Feel Disengaged at Work. Are You One of Them?

Are Your Bored at Work? Do you know when you’re bored? Do you make repeated trips to the fridge, find yourself leaving your desk to get coffee more than you really need to, stopping what you’re doing to chat with a co-worker? Maybe you’re spacing out, checking your phone and social media a lot, going through the motions in meetings, or even kicking up a little interpersonal drama with co-workers? Sounds like boredom to me. Boredom can actually be as stressful for us as over working. Either way we can become exhausted, demotivated and resentful. The Perils and Possibilities of Boredom Lately I’ve been hearing more clients talk about their boredom at work so I know it’s a trend. What worries me is that I heard this a lot from folks a year before The Great Recession…and I probably don’t need to tell you that after that clients either didn’t… Read More

An End is Always a Beginning.

As we transition into a New Year we are always encouraged to make New Years’ resolutions. I have never been one for New Years’ resolutions although I do quite a bit of reflection at the end of each calendar year, and also at the start of my personal new year – my birthday – which happens to fall at the middle of the calendar year, and provides me a sense of my path, and to know if there’s one actually in front of me. The end of a year is always the beginning of a new one, just as the end of a job or a relationship marks the beginning of a new something (Perspective? Learning?) or someone (to ourselves?) in one way or another. We go through a process of letting go (or not) and then potentially seeing ahead to what’s new. Introspection isn’t everybody’s thing; it has been… Read More

Interviewing for Your Dream Job? This One Thing May Get You Hired!

Ahhh, the job hunt.  It’s exciting, frustrating, and at times even nerve-wracking. You’ve prepped your resume, you’ve had your eye on the job posting for weeks.  And then it happens: you get called in for an interview—for your dream job no less.  After logging countless hours paying your dues, how do you capitalize on your opportunity to advance? I spoke to Daisy Swan, a certified career coach in Los Angeles, and asked her that same question.  She handles interview preparation, resume writing and career guidance every single day so I knew she’d be an excellent source of information – and inspiration – for those waiting on deck for their dream job interview. 1.     BE PREPARED This almost goes without saying, but being prepared, of course, is a huge part of landing your dream job.  Swan says that knowing background information about the company, as well as any recent developments… Read More

Bad Behavior and Your Happiness

The kinds of issues I discuss with clients often seem to come in waves. Patterns emerge. Of course I’m usually hearing about various levels of distress that women and men are experiencing at work, and not surprisingly, a difficult boss or team dynamic prompts a lot of people to seek my assistance. Lately many conversations with clients seem to revolve around bad behavior of managers and people in power and how to do what’s best given the circumstances. On a broader level, as well, we’ve all been watching the undoing of many men who have used their power and status in despicable ways; while we feel relief that their gig is up, we’re also asking why did the unmasking of this undermining abuse take so long? It’s hard to speak truth to power. When we want to bring difficult topics and issues to light we know we need to be… Read More

Procrastinating much? Feeling Stuck…Yuck!

Four Strategies to Get Yourself Back into Action. Procrastination is way more common than I ever realized. Most of my friends, colleagues and clients struggle with procrastination. Even though I tend to be a doer, I see how my ability to put things off has gained momentum. Our lives are so crowded by input from all sorts of technology and other distractions…especially if we’re creative and curios people! I can be happily sidetracked by reading articles online, my fascinating hard-copy magazines and books, or doing lots of little inconsequential projects around my house. All good things…but am I getting to the things I know I want and need to do? Um…no. Sound familiar? Here’s what I’ve found helps me to stop procrastinating and do what needs doing. Maybe this will work for you, too: Spend time thinking about what you really want to see happen in your personal or professional… Read More

What Can I Expect from Executive Coaching?

What is an Executive Coach? And how will I benefit from working with an executive coach? What can I expect from an executive coach? Reasonable questions. We all hear about people having coaches but what do they really do? How do they really help? The coaching ‘industry’ has grown so much over the past 20 years; you can find a coach for anything you need support with. Executive Coaching covers a lot of territory, and you’ll find executive coaches of every personality and style. Identifying, and work through, the challenges High achieving men and women face similar challenges in their leadership roles…reaching goals, motivating teams, hitting their numbers, juggling responsibilities while keeping their eye out to identify new opportunities amidst change in the marketplace or within their organization. Foundationally, both men and women need to effectively communicate with clients and colleagues but there’s no doubt that women have very particular… Read More

Reflections on Teaching Mindfulness in Recovery

I am always filled with anticipation and curiosity when I walk into the workshop room. On this particular foggy morning (there is often morning fog in the central coast town of Pismo Beach), there are seven people in recovery ranging in age from 19 to roughly 55. There’s a jovial friendliness between the men and women seated in red or black leather chairs. Everyone is dressed casually – shorts, sweatshirts, and baseball caps. As I take my seat, no one seems to take notice; the laughter and talking over one another continues until I speak up, “Hi everyone! Let’s get started!” A few people are quiet but others continue the jousting until I again say, “Hellooo, let’s get started!” Working With Recovery Patients at The Haven Since I have checked in with the other staff at The Haven, I know that several people here in recovery have recently left the… Read More

3 Things You Must Ask for to be Happier at Work and at Home

A lot of people aren’t comfortable asking for what they want. How about you? A bit squeamish? A bit shy? Or does it completely depend on the situation or ‘ask’? Keeping quiet and hoping someone will figure out what you want is a recipe for frustration and miscommunication. Expecting someone will notice your extra hard work, or your exemplary effort, your loyalty, or that you need a rest from all of the chores, cooking or family management creates more resentment than peace of mind. Read on for healthy and smart things to ask for! The 3 things you must to ask for: Quiet time to think and process. Whether you are at work or at home, an extrovert or an introvert, everyone needs some time to process, rest or just have downtime. I had a client who had tremendous responsibility, and she was an introvert. The only alone time she… Read More

Feeling Exhausted? Burned Out?

Feeling Exhausted? Burned Out? This past Sunday I got up early, had my coffee and finished putting some clothes in my bag that was already at the door ready to go. I hopped in my car and drove 90 minutes north of LA to Ojai – one of my all time favorite places to be because of the majestic mountains that surround the town and the lush landscape – to my dear friends’ house. But really I’d been looking forward to this particular Sunday for weeks to attend a class to learn more about my new hobby. A triple win! A great class, in Ojai, where I could also stay with friends. I drove up on the freeway in the grey June gloom of the low hanging marine layer of clouds we in LA know so well, and turned off on Route 33 that leads to the heavenly valley of… Read More

What to Expect from Career Coaching

I remember when I first started working as a career counselor in the early 1990’s when no one had heard of a professional career coach because career stability was still expected; 30 years at one company was the rule, not the exception. College students knew of the career services office on their campus but it seemed odd for professionals to seek out this kind of guidance once they were out in the real world. Fast forward to the wild and wacky world of the accelerated pace of the 21st century workplace that’s full of complexity and change. Now nobody is immune to layoffs and reorgs. Job hopping is no longer taboo. Fifteen years at one company? Really? The Essential Secret Weapon Now that job insecurity is a given, and most everyone knows that meaningful work is a possibility not just a luxury, who wouldn’t want and need their own secret… Read More